Video: Artist Eddy Aigbe 

This October we sat down with artist Eddy Aigbe to discuss a range of topics, from his artistic journey, community work, to the importance of historical facts in relation to African art and of course, the current pandemic. Part one see's us learn about Eddy and the inspiration behind his work and also his road to becoming an artist. See part one of the video here

Art: Lockdown creativity

During the lockdown artist Dee Manning, immersed herself in her art. Occupying her time and mind by putting paint to canvas, find out more about her new artwork.

Discussion: Covid 19 & the creative industry

With Coronavirus causing carnage globally, we write a short piece to creatives, hopefully to send some motivation and positive energy, to fuel them through such challenging times.

Art after lockdown

Every aspect of our lives are changing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we visited our first exhibition after the lockdown, find out more about the experience.

Video: Visualé on Youtube

Over the past few weeks we have been working on some great content for our channel. This includes advice from artists such Dee Manning and also sneak peaks at upcoming projects

Online gallery: Photography

Photography will soon be joining our art in our online gallery to purchase. From street scenes of Marrakech to shadows in our home city of Birmingham, add a moment in time to your walls. 

Art: Additional print sizes

We now have a new size print available on  selected artwork, whats even more great is they start at only £59.99 including post and package. Hit the link below to find out more. 

Video: Out of my pain came beauty

Spaces Birmingham was the location for Dee Mannings exhibition, the evening saw her collection 'Out Of My Pain Came Beauty' go on display to the public, check out the video of how the evening unfolded.

Photography: Our final images of 2019

Check out our most popular shots we've captured from the past weeks of the year. We'd like to thank everyone who has viewed shared and purchased artwork this year!

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