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Project: From One Home To Another

We're in the final stages of our project editing the filming we recently completed. All of those who took part, find out more about how it is going so far 


Event: From One Home To Another

We are taking part in an exciting project in Birmingham celebrating the different cultures and communities who originate from Commonwealth countries. 


Art: Downlow arts trail Lozells

Inspired by the different cultures and moments of history from the community of Lozells, Bunny Bread and his team of artists from Create Not Destroy used walls as a canvas bringing vibrancy and thought provoking art to the streets as part of the Downlow Arts Trail.

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Photography: Time out

We decided to take some time out, for mind, body and soul. We headed to the coast and were fortunate enough to capture the last warmth before the Autumn set in. from the sounds of the waves to people using the beachfront to stay active and social.

IMG_7201 2.jpg

Exhibition: Walk With Me

Artist & Designer Philly held his debut exhibition titled 'Walk With Me' at the Yard art house. On display was a wide variety of his unique digital artwork. Check out more of his work and the video from the launch night


Artist:Mila Lynn

We are excited to announce we will be working with a new artist from Michigan, Mila Lynn. Mila was recently living in London while on her creative journey were she began to make a name for herself with her vibrant abstract and collage work. 

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Latest News: Dee.M Creatives

Dee Manning has leaped into a new direction with Dee.M creatives find out more about the projects she has lead and organised over the past year.

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Art: Yayoi Kusama

It took us a while to get our hands on some tickets but it was well worth the wait, find out more about Yayoi's installations that really do take you to another place

Dee Manning art.jpg

Art: Additional print sizes

We now have a new size print available on  selected artwork, whats even more great is they start at only £59.99 including post and package. Hit the link below to find out more. 

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