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Dee.M Creatives

Dee has always worked by meshing her art and community work together, recently she decided to take the leap and start a new journey as a creative and cultural producer. The inspiration for this was seeing the opportunity to provide creative and alternative activities for education, relaxation and to support mental health within communities. At present Dee is wrapping up her latest project titled 'From One Home To Another' in which members of the community from Handsworth explore their heritage through art, poetry and photography.

In July, Dee was a producer for the commonwealth games at the Handsworth Site Festival which was a huge success, celebrating the diverse cultures who live within the area and bringing some amazing artists and performers to the park including the legendary Luciano who blessed the stage as to celebrate Jamaica's 50th independence. Dee's very own website goes live soon, we wish her all the best and we will still be working together for future events and exhibitions. Hit the link to see more


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