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New artist: Mila Lynn

Last year I was introduced to Mila Lynn from Lansing Michigan who was living in London while on her creative journey, once learning more about Mila's art, inspiration and journey. I thought it would be a great idea to work together helping to display her truly unique artwork to a larger audience here within the UK. Using acrylics, collage and other mixed media her vibrant work captivates and dazzles viewers.

Her latest collection Black Is King features Limited Edition King and Queen Paintings. These artworks will take on the traditional card deck theme by having a set of diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs.

'Artist statement'

I want to empower my community by depicting Black People as something other than victims and villains. I recognize that as a young child I was super impressionable, and some of the images/narratives I was shown growing up led me to not only feel less confident as a person of color, but also as if I didn’t belong. This project is my own spin on creative placemaking. I want to take figures that have had an impact on my life, whether deceased or not, and add a little magic to them. This is the reason for adding the crowns, splashes of vibrant colors, and making the pieces into cards. In life and poker, the cards you choose to play always matter. I’m tired of feeling like I have a weak hand, so this time I’m stacking the deck.

We are excited to announce moving forward we will exclusively be representing Mila Lynn within the UK, so stay tuned for an interview in the coming weeks, in which you can learn more about Mila and her artworks. Her amazing artwork can now be viewed and purchased in our online gallery here


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