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Van Gogh Alive: Interactive Art

I had heard mixed reviews from those who had already visited Van Gogh Live, of course I took non of them seriously and went to see it for myself. After visiting Olafur Elliason last year at the Tate Modern, I wanted to experience another interactive sensory exhibition. In no way can these be compared, but in the new way of living during the pandemic we need something more than queuing in a single file, around a room waiting to see a painting (check my previous post). Personally I think exhibitions and events like this especially for those who fancy a change from the traditional gallery set up are brilliant. From a personal standpoint I think these are great experiences for younger children, offering them something different for their eyes and ears to take in, as life as we know it is changing also are the minds of the younger generations and we need to find other ways to engage them with art.

You are taken on a visual journey of both Van Gogh's life and his artwork accompanied by music. Many were sitting completely chilled out, some deep in thought others with loved ones or friends. It was good to see people in a calm and relaxing atmosphere escaping the shit state of the world at the moment. This exhibition is on until January 2021, but due to the ever-changing lockdown rules the Birmingham Hippodrome is currently closed. You can stay up to date on their website regarding re-opening and tickets. Hit the link for more info


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