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Photography: Inspiration from light

Nature and architecture has always inspired my work whether it is a painting or photography. My inspiration is found in the moods and atmosphere light and darkness creates, with the shadows and reflections which have an amazing effect on different surfaces. Light bouncing off a building facade, mirroring images on windows or the ripples of the sea. Light works its magic on our faces enhancing features and structure, making for great portrait photography or figurative paintings.

My inspiration for The Windows Collection was born out of the beautiful colours I would see reflecting off large panes of glass on the office blocks and sky scrapers in Birmingham City Centre. Pink and orange sunsets made the sky seem endless when looking up at the glass covered towers that now dominate Birminghams skyline. The past two week or so we had much warmer weather than a usual February, with this came clear skies and sun which had such a striking visual affect in the city while on the commute. Here are some images I captured while on my walks through Birmingham.

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