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Lifestyle: Corrupt Dynasty

As much as I'd admired the craftsmanship behind jewellery I'd never actually worn it myself, I guess its because there had never actually been a piece that screamed WEAR ME! Instead jewellery was always a gift I'd buy as I'd believe it not only fits the aesthetic of whomever I was buying it for, but also their character. In late 2018 this all changed when I'd seen a silver bullet gracing a chain round somebody's neck.

The piece is as bold as it is sleek which is a hard line to blend, after doing some investigating I found the brand behind the piece is Corrupt Dynasty, the inspiration behind the pieces is explored on the website.

"Corrupt Dynasty creates key pieces to elevate your daily outfit with a mission to bridge the fine line between quintessential ruggedness and grace.

With our choice of model and bold designs we present an exciting collection that will redefine your perspective on luxurious high fashion."

Visit the corrupt dynasty website

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