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Farewell Jewellery Quarter

Over two and a half years ago (would have been 3 years 25th October!) we found our home at 22 Regents Place in the Jewellery Quarter, I didn't have much money to furnish the place so thankfully the landlord allowed us to use the tables and chairs left by the previous tenants. Perfect, a table to paint on and chairs to sit on while we planned out our business future.

Later that December we held our first open studio in which we invited people we knew, also encouraging them to invite anyone they thought would have an interest in art, to come and check out our vision. Fast forward two years and this self financed duo has exhibited around the country including the famous Brick Lane Gallery, sold artwork which has found homes as far as Australia and America and also helped establish the career of artist Dee Manning.

On a personal note the studio marked a pivotal moment for us, being a huge gamble on our careers. In the early days we'd go a few months without selling a single piece of artwork, I'd sit at my desk coming up with solutions to get momentum going and at times questioning if this was really going to work. Now it's a question I never have to ask again. Another question I wont have to ask again is how the hell am I going to get these display boards up four flights of stairs without falling and breaking an arm or a leg, anyone who visited us will know exactly what I'm referring too we literally called them Everest. All jokes aside the historical building we called our creative home will be missed along with our neighbours Oscar Birmingham.

The prominent moments for me were the learning curves and late nights, from how to photograph artwork, different hanging mechanisms for the frames, finalising my book and wrapping artwork to be sent off to new homes or exhibitions, I have so many great memories.

I would like to personally thank everybody who supported our time in the Jewellery Quarter, everyone who came to our open studios, purchased artwork, attended our exhibitions or shared our site. Having met some great people from a variety of different backgrounds and industries from musicians, singer/songwriters, artists, authors to former members of parliament your comments and advice have been up lifting and inspiring. Take a look through our gallery from the past two years...

Keep a look out to our forthcoming projects including the new collection ‘Pain, tears & power - Out of my pain came beauty’ by Dee Manning and our artwork transferred onto new mediums.

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