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Blog: Whats next for us?

Riding the momentum of our Stratford Arts House exhibition last month, we've been working on some exciting new projects. Firstly we've been branched into other formats of media creating podcasts and videos, in which we reach out to those in the creative arena giving advice from our experiences. Covering topics such as the business behind the arts, setting up a successful exhibition and avoiding those trying to sell you false dreams which can waste you both precious time and money. Look out for a full range of podcasts to come mid June.

Our very own Dee Manning has an exciting new range of artwork which will be exhibited in the coming weeks. She has also had her work in offices in Birmingham such as Breslin's accountants from the reception received we will now offering our artwork to be hired. So if you wish to add a centrepiece or are looking to add a splash of colour to your workspace please send us an email for full details.

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