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Exhibition: Art In Mind

Exhibiting in London was a goal we had set back in 2015, a two year plan to prove we could establish ourselves within the artistic arena and create a platform for Birmingham artist Dee Manning. Once we had confirmation Dee's artwork was to be on display in the Brick Lane Gallery we got the wheels in motion, before we knew it was October 30th and we were on route to London to deliver the artwork. To this point everything had finally come to fruition, the prints and mounts were complete we'd sourced a great framer but it was on the day of the exhibition the tides turned and we knew it had been oh too easy. The crap hit the fan while cruising along the outside lane of the M6 and car decided to have an electrical malfunction. I'm not going to lie and say we didn't panic but it was finding not just the quickest solution but the only solution, in other words booking the only available train which stopped at every station on the route. Needless to say we arrived in good time and spirits ready to see what the evening had in store and we were by no means disappointed. Brick Lane was the perfect setting for such a vibrant collective of artists in turn there was a great response, a packed gallery with a great atmosphere. I would personally like to thank everyone who attended, all the staff at the Brick Lane Gallery, to our printers at Ginger Art, Gale and Co for the great framing and Cotswold Mounts. And a special thank you to everyone who has supported Visualé over the past two years.

If you're in the capital head down to the gallery and see Dee's work up close, its also an opportunity so see an array of other artists such as Asa Rich, Mano, Joanne Nicolaou and many more. Find out more here

Photo credit Visualé / Brick Lane Gallery

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