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Blog: I choose art

I choose art….

It releases my emotions and calms my soul, it makes me focus on the form I am creating, while I develop my technique and style with the medium I am using whether it is charcoal, graphite pencils or acrylic paint. When I paint I loose myself, time disappears and I find myself in a tranquil zone where no harm can come to me. It gives me control of my mental space where I target my energy on the tone, depth and layers of the paint soaked brush, as it glides across the paper. In challenging times it is my stress relief as I pour my emotions onto the paper, then I can reflect on the situation and progress to achieve a positive outcome with more rational thinking.

In terms of relaxation it slows down my breathing and internal systems within my body that could create havoc. Art is an expression of the person who creates it, ideas and thoughts which culminate into a finished piece of work. Like an author who writes text for a book or a musician who writes notes to create music. When I am viewing other artist's work, I look for some thing unique that captures me with the application and form I am observing. An image that tells me a story or is a colourful expression of the creator, as I love playful colour. I understand that everyone has different tastes and not everyone will like my work and I would not want them to otherwise that would defeat my objectives. Art is subjective and we are all individuals with very different mindsets.

From a young age I would make things, take objects apart and try and put them together again, I would absorb everything around me by rubbing crayons on paper over textures, running my small hands over the irregular spaces in the concrete of brutal architecture, finally counting the quantities, shapes and angles of buildings. I was very alert to my surrounding environment, even noises the volume and sounds I would try to interpret into a visual image.

Art is a subject that fires every emotion whether positive or negative. Life would be so dull and boring without colour, imagery, design, light and darkness, who wants to live in a plain uninteresting world, not me do you?

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