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Exhibition: The Full Collection Dee.M

The ‘Full Collection’ exhibition I had planned was not just the first we had held outside of our own studio, but was the first showcasing an entire catalogue of artwork to a larger audience, so I had to ensure everything was in line, from the display set up, to the wine. The past month and a half I was engrossed in what I like to call the grind mode, having every piece of artwork framed and mounted, sourcing a local carpenter to create a customised display board and most importantly getting the marketing content together.

How did it go you may ask? Well this past Monday JYG Hair & Beauty was successfully transformed into a gallery for the evening, the open space and wonderful lighting created a great atmosphere to showcase our very own Dee Manning’s catalogue of work. After all of the time spent organising, marketing and the final hours of setting up, it came to fruition. Despite the rain and havoc to all the major roads in the city caused by the discovery of the a WW2 bomb found in Aston, we still had a great turn out, selling both originals and prints.

On display was the popular ‘Reflections On The Pebbles’, ‘Windows’ collection and portraiture including the iconic Bob Marley and Prince. As I have touched on in previous posts on the blog, my goal with Visualé has always been to provide a platform for individuals to showcase their creativity and vision, whether it is art, sculpture, photography or whatever it is they bring to life. So holding the exhibition was a great opportunity to expose more people to arguably one of the premier salons in the city and Jacque Graham who has over 25 years working with the best British hair professionals.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jacque for allowing us to use her amazing salon to exhibit Dee's artwork, a thank you to everyone who battled the traffic and the rain, and to those who purchased artwork. Finally we would like to welcome the newest members to our team Joie Walsh who is our events photographer and Danielle Jones being our events assistant. Our next event is at Quarter Masters at 1000 Trades in the Jewellery Quarter on 3rd of June. So if you're in town be sure to pay us a visit where you can meet our very own Dee.M and have the opportunity to own some exclusive artwork. Keep a look out for more info on the site in the coming days.

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