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Catch up: Humanhood

Rudi Cole of Humanhood took some down time with us while in the UK on a break from their travels. There have been a whirlwind of developments since the last time I caught up with him last year

Despite all the travelling rehearsals and behind the scenes grind Rudi remains as laid back as ever, which is part of his charm. As the first quarter of the year is pretty much over he looks forward to the forthcoming events on his calendar including performances in Greece, Barcelona and Singapore. The company has also recently received Associate Artists position at Europe's leading dance house DanceXchange.

Humanhood's main focus is on their influence of science and the current discoveries in quantum physics... How can art be influenced by science and how art can influence the current minds of science. You can stay up to date with them by visiting their site here

Photocredit: Donata Kukyte

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