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Art Workshops

After the success of the past year as an artist Dee.M is combining her sixteen years of teaching experience also working as a community artist in youth and community centres, schools with children and adults is now offering art classes for beginners. Our relaxed studio environment allows people to have a pressure free experience, so whether your looking to learn new techniques or perfect your own signature style our art classes are the perfect fit for you.

If it's relaxation your opting for Dee also offers art therapy, sessions that help relieve stress levels for a healthy state of mind. Art is a tool that can focus the mind to help individuals through difficult and painful moments, a medium that can allow the mind to express thoughts with no restrictions. It gives you the start of a process that be developed and enable your thought process and understanding of your emotions, feelings and energy.

Art workshops

Day courses for total beginners with no previous experience only 18+ who want to experience art for the first time and express themselves through a visual medium. Planned lessons with personalised exercises to support you through developing your own style and technique. Discover techniques to guide you to refocus and clam your mind and build your confidence.It has small class sizes maximum of 6 people per group.

All basic materials including paint brushes, pencils, sharpeners, paint, paper and includes a light lunch (you will have to contact us if you have an special dietary requirements). You will need to bring an overall or wear old clothes to avoid paint coverage your clothing.

Self expression portrait

Explore perspective, shape and form

Understand facial anatomy

Be able to handle and use different grades of pencils

Understand basic colour tones and work with acrylic paint

Explore your self awareness

Leave the class with a completed piece of work.

Compact Still Life Group of Objects

Explore perspective, basic shape and form

Be able to handle and use different grades of pencils

Carry out line drawings and symmetry

Explore tone,shape, texture proportions of objects in relation to each other

Leave the class with a completed piece of work.

10.00am - 4.30pm (Dates to be confirmed Saturdays)

We take group bookings for hen parties, anniversary surprises, art lesson gift days, birthdays contact us to discuss and make arrangements.

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