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Article: Do we ever unplug?

We are well aware that we now spend more time than ever on our mobile devices, so do we ever unplug from our phones and the world of social media? For some staying up to date on Instagram and Facebook has become engrained in their day to day routing, but businesses that rely on visual content such as ourselves are just as much engrossed, however on the other side of the fence. Aside from handling emails the majority of my time spent glaring at a screen is on social media, to promote Visualé whether its tweeting or showcasing our creations on Instagram, other time is spent sourcing for new artists to collaborate with which at times can take hours looking at various profiles. I myself can admit I need to lay my iPad down, not only to give my eyes a rest but take in the journey me and the artists I work with are on.

Can you remember when you last sat somewhere watching the world go by with friends, or travelling soaking up the sun and culture without reaching in your pocket to look at a screen? In my teens being at a Jay-Z concert back when the smart phone did not exist it was just the artist the music and the crowd, seeing people on chairs reciting word for word not watching through a screen to be uploaded. Of course we want to capture moments we can look back on, but sometimes we need to live in the moment and enjoy what is happening around us.

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