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Article: Progression

As we continue to establish ourselves both visually and reputably it appears over the past few months we have clearly made headway in what we had set out to do. Ensuring the artists we work with earn exactly what they deserve for their creative skills and are not taken advantage of. From the open galleries we have held, our network and customer base has significally grown, as I touched on in previous article ‘The Independent Hustle’ balancing a nine to five alongside working with artists would mean I work when the energy levels are there.

However now things have picked up the weeks are longer as weekends have become a distant memory, regardless of this everything has become far more rewarding. We have added new members to the team to ensure the wheels don’t stop and our presence is felt 24/7. New artists are beginning to sign up with us as they are fully onboard with our self sufficient independent movement, in the coming months we have some exciting projects to present. From bigger exhibitions to moving into a publishing direction, helping the next generation of authors have a platform for their literature.

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