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Meet the artist: Muzzi Nduna

Last week I interviewed an emerging artist from Coventry, Muzzi Nduna came to our studio to give us insight into his artistic work and future endeavours. During my time with Muzzi it was apparent he is both relaxed and charismatic, but what is most distinctive is his drive, not only to perfect his skills but to be an independent artist that succeeds, which is very refreshing to see. The sense of doubt is completely absent, with him pouring everything he has into both his work and dream. He utilities his workspace which is a quirky container as both a studio and store find out more below

Tell me about your beginnings, where are you from?

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe I am the youngest of four siblings, my family moved to Coventry in 2004 when I was eleven and have grown to call this country home ever since.

When did your artistic skills come to fruition where did you learn to perfect your skills?

My artistic studies actually began at secondary school, how ever I would credit a large portion of my development to my time spent at Cardinal Wiseman while doing my A-Levels. From here I continued to develop my craft by getting a degree at Coventry University graduating in 2015.

I know you probably get asked this quite often but I'm going to ask it anyway, what inspires your work?

My work is inspired by what has an impact on me visually, with a keen eye for detail and composition, I focus my themes on significance and memory. Initially my artistic route began in portraiture, because I always found interest in capturing peoples, emotions, personalities and their relationships between each other in my work. Currently my subject matters are shifting, as my most recent project is urban landscape using the same thought process and techniques to bring my art to life.

You can visit him at

Container No. 3

Fargo Village,

Far Gosford



You can see more of his work here

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