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Exhibition: Fix Photo

The Fix Photo hosted 22 British and International photographers works holding event, talks and workshops. The exhibition was free and filled the four floors of the Oxo Tower Wharf building, in its raw industrial glory.

There was a great mix of topics, styles and mediums on show from portraiture, surrealism, wildlife nature and landscapes. Creative development methods that were very eye catching such as Deborah Baker’s ‘In Paradiso” showing the metamorphose of plants growing in her garden. Also Emily Allchurch's use of old master’s painting and prints, photo shopped to produce contemporary collages on light boxes, that have adjustable switches to suit the environment they are been shown in.

An interesting powerful short film by Robert Clayton documenting the rise and lives of the residents of the Lion Farm Estate in 2015. It gives the viewer an insight in to British life in the West Midlands at that time with thought provoking photographs to accompany the film.

It is an annual show with a blend and mix of visual delights to capture all tastes, I would thoroughly recommend a visit for 2017.

Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH

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