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Design: Royal Academy family album 2016

The Royal Academy of Arts (RA), Burlington Gardens, London is having a make over to celebrate its 250th birthday in 2018, and while this takes place its external facade is being dressed up too, with an amazing collage of black and white photographic images combined with colourful designs. The work came together with students from three further education colleges and children from a primary school. The students had a visit to the Royal Academy and explored the works of art and the building to get inspiration for their ideas.

Workshops were facilitated by artist Diana Taylor who led the groups to produce various works using an array of different art mediums that recreated the memories, colour and exuberant design. It is an album collection of The Royal Academy which brings together memorable and famous artworks, social events and artefacts. The feature of black and white images are then topped by Yink Shonibare’s signature fabric designs. This creative facade represents the activities behind the scenes within the walls of the RA ,what a history to display. Once the re-construction is completed a final artwork by David Chipperfield will join and wrap Burlington House with the Piccadilly building in 2018.

By Dee.M

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