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At Home with Vanley Burke

A collection of accessories, art, furniture, photography, audio visuals and countless other items that is a life time of Burke’s journey and existence ,which invites the visitor to interact with the artists message. A space of important visual stimulation which engages you with an insight into the history of the British Caribbean and African communities. Exploring their food, leisure activities, fashion, religion, music and aspects of their every day life.

The environment has a feeling of his own personal space creating a connection between the artist and the observer. The experience leaves you with time to witness, think, analyse and discuss the items on display. Areas have been created such as a bedroom, living room and kitchen dressed with decor to represent each space that is filled with memorabilia and memories for those who grew up with similar possessions. Raw materials documenting actual live events and historic moments in time, of which some are powerful, emotive or political. The collection is a living testament that expresses so many different situations, memories, history and a journey which is well worth travelling so take a look and enjoy the experience.

22nd-27th September 2015, 1st Floor Gallery, Ikon Gallery, 1 Oozell Street, Birmingham b1 2HS.

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