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Exhibition: Love Is Enough-William Morris & Andy Warhol

Love is Enough

William Morris & Andy Warhol

Curated by Jeremy Deller

A Modern Art Oxford Exhibition in Partnership with Birmingham Museum Trust

Birmingham Gas Hall brings together two very distinctive artists that when you delve a little deeper have some very similar creative and business characteristics. The comparisons between Morris and Warhol are how they explored their artistic expression, which was done through the connection of art, celebrity culture, idyllic places and the publics perception of it. They both strive to seek and use different techniques to develop their skills. The exhibition is a blend of two very different mediums, modern and classical works, displayed together they produce an interesting story of some of histories amazing artworks. Some of Warhol's works are displayed against the detailed designs of Williams prints.

William Morris’s collection of textile designs on paper are comprised of sketches, books, and woven wall hangings, accompanied by multi media showing the process of his ideas developed into highly detailed intricate pieces of work. The images displayed gave an indication to where the inspiration had come from, places he had lived and worked in, and also from reading materials, being somewhat fascinated by medieval literature. Throughout his career Morris revisits the stories of King Arthur, the magnificent tapestries such as ‘The Attainment and The Holy Grail’ are just some of the woven textiles on display. The range of various methods of manufacture from detailed blocks and printed cottons, to jacquard woven lines and silk wall paper designs in pencil, water and body colour on paper show the beautiful talents of a man whom left his imprint in the world of fashion, interior, design and art even today.

American artist and film maker Andy Warhol is known as one of the fore fathers of pop art, on show are the iconic images from presidents like Robert Kennedy to portraits of Chairman Mao, also Hollywood actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Featured are his chronicled works on Jackie Kennedy and also the books stating the fame and tragedy of the Kennedy family. Infamous silk screen prints of historic political moments in time such as The Race Riot 1963. An image from Charles Moore's photographs of the race riots in Birmingham, Alabama which were printed in Life magazine was present. It shows the supporters of Martin Luther King who were peacefully protesting against segregation, when the police attacked them with dogs and water hoses, it is a very powerful and instantly relevant art piece.

Camouflage a set of four large prints done with acrylic paint and silk screen technique. The prints will remind me of popular culture and how the camouflage design was used on the clothing I would have worn, such as on tee shirts and army trousers. The Alo Gun prints on show depicts the weapon and tells the story of when Warhol was shot by Valerie Solanis she fired the gun at him in 1968 and critically injured him. Andy Warhol ’s art has left a stamp on the arts world with his philosophy on how art, money and business are entwined and how the obsessive desire all three.

25th April- 6th September

Tickets £7

Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH

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