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Exhibition: Audrey Hepburn Portraits of an Icon

Audrey Hepburn was born 4th May 1929 Brussels, Belgium, she died of cancer 20th January 1993 Tolochenaz, Switzerland. The Hollywood actress, fashion icon and philanthropist is revered and idolised by many. The exhibition brings together a collection of private and publicly owned works, images which diarize her life and career by some of the worlds renowned photographers like Erwin Blumefeld, Irvin Penn, Cecil Beaton and many more.

The images take the observer on a journey from her childhood and early success as a star on Broadway aged 22 years old in Gigi. The exhibition also documents her American stage and film career, which she acted in Sabrina, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, The Nun’s Story, The Unforgiven, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many more that brought her Academy Award Nominations.

The audience were amazed by the fashion and film portraits such as Audrey leaning out of a car window during the filming of Sabrina by Dennis Stock. Also the artistically mirrored image, of Audrey, wearing a feathered hat made by Fred captured by Erwin Blumefeld in 1952. The lens of the camera to this piece shows many sides so the viewer cannot identify which image is actually the real Audrey.

Her distinctive face graced the covers of the word premier magazines such as LIFE, TIME, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, LOOK and Jour de France. These are all displayed on the wall near the exit of the exhibition adjacent to the graceful and humbling images of her the latter stages of her life. This is where she supported UNICEF to hep eradicate the most basic diseases like whooping cough, measles, polio and tuberculosis. Also she fought to improve the lives of children from war torn countries around the world. The Academy awarded her the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award in 1993.

For her fans across the world it is a wonderful collection to relive and remember an extremely successful woman.

National Portrait Gallery

St Martins Place



Entrance fee £9.00

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