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Mast Brothers London

The bearded brothers Rick and Michael Mast started their business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 2007 and now their hand crafted luxury produce can be bought all over the world. I attended the shop on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch which opened on Valentine’s Day this year. The shop front has neon lights that look like an installation from an art gallery and the floor is scattered with stacked bags of cocoa beans from Belize, Papua New Guinea and Dominican Republic. The beautifully designed space presents its chocolate like works of art, with clean symmetrical lines, great lighting and a view of the manufacturing area which is not only very aesthetic pleasing on the eye, but adds a very personal touch. From my visit I could see the extensive planning and effort that has gone into the design of this wonderful shop .As for the chocolate its pretty clear to see the rich and high quality of the cocoa in the bars, definitely for individuals who appreciate such fine quality chocolate. A friend and I opted for the Macadamia and Almond bars, which was a great pick.

For all you chocolate connoisseurs take a visit and indulge yourself.

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