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Fifty Chefs : The hands that feed London by Katie Wilson

A collection of images taken by Katie Wilson which took ten years in the making, captured individuals at various locations during their time working in restaurants. These are the men and women who feed the population of London visually immortalised.

The exhibition was set in Redchurch street, Shoreditch in a relaxed dim lit shop unit. Each print exposed by just the right amount of lighting for the observer to explore the stories and histories of the chef’s journeys. A collection of black and white portrait images captured their characters and expressed a range of feelings such as happiness, pride and stress accompanied by worn complexions on their skin. The photographs also represent the determination, creativity and passion they had over the years while building their reputations and businesses.

Nellie Blundell writes small biographies placed beside each photograph telling a brief history of how they felt about their progression and professional achievements within the culinary world and their relationship to London. Overall it was a very interesting and enjoyable exhibition giving me a true insight into passionate and successful chefs.

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