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Everyman Cinema Birmingham

When I heard of the arrival of the Everyman cinema to the mailbox I knew I'd have to go and check it out sooner or later. Once I heard of an upmarket cinema with spacious sofas and more legroom I was pretty much sold and the reality of finally going to watch a film without sticky floors and stained seats was here. Externally it already had a different feel, spotlights and black signs creating a sparkling entrance. The interior see's a palette of woods with dark neutral colours illuminated with retro wall lighting setting a chilled out mood. Food and drink in the cinema aren't your typical odeon or cineworld, not the typical pick and mix section from which you'll catch a stomach bug, but more filling foods with a variety of milkshakes and alcohol, all with the bonus of having them bought to your seat. Inside the cinema theatre spacious sofas with your personal table for snacks greet you, being 6ft 2 the extra leg room didn't make me feel like I was sitting for so long and cusions to sink in gave me that extra feeling of comfort. On a whole the Everyman Cinema is definitely worth a visit but make sure to book in advance as it is becoming very popular. Located in the Birmingham Mailbox

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