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Edgar Martins:The Poetic impossibility to manage the infinite

Is an exciting photographic exhibition for all of those interested in the exploration of Space. Martin was given access to 20 different locations across Europe and South America and captured imagery of technological facilities, test centres, robotic departments, and satellite assemble rooms. Also launch sites and the components’, materials, devices telecommunications and devices that are made and used. It shows how sterile, technical and fit for purpose all aspects of the Space development program is.

The vast size of the equipment and resources are overwhelming and they amaze you with the genius of their invention and manufacture. Such as the Interior of the Simulator Vacuum Chamber (ESA-ESTC Noordwijk, Netherlands) it is Europe’s largest Chamber it is 15meteres in height and 10 meters in diameter. It is an excellent tool for testing large satellites and systems under conditions very close to those found in orbit. The picture is amazing and the lighting qualities’ of the image shows the large scale and detail of the structure and its mechanisms’

The quality, scale and detail of the photography is thought provoking as the spaces displayed have has no action taking place with no people being present. You are left to imagine what is occurring and taking place, even project yourself into the image where you could be working, walking and exploring in the chambers and departments. Now that would be poetic....

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

7th February – 2nd May 2015

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