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Instagram: Our top picks

Every Monday we recommend the four best Instagram accounts for you to follow so if it's architecture, landscape or just generally brilliants shots you want to see, these are the top four for this week!

Top Row

1st Image @ABELPEREZGRAM Amazing shots from around the world but primarily California, these aren't just your average photographs, Abel presents reflections, outrageous angles and picturesque backdrops.

2nd Image @_PORKYCHOPPY_ From windswept coasts to towering architecture, this account covers many different perspectives of California including the hustle and bustle of Down Town Los Angeles.

Bottom Row

3rd Image @LETTHELOAFERSBEWITHYOU Our very own Gino capturing design, architecture and day to day life in our home city Birmingham but also while on his travels.

4th Image @FIFTHDENSITY Lifes better if you look up! This account captures skyscrapers across the United States, from shape edges to mirrored facade's caught perfectly against a sky blue backdrop

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