Dee Manning explores portraiture and figurative art with her new collection, her creative body of work shifts in an exciting new direction. With her forthcoming collection titled ‘Pain, Tears & Power - Out of my pain came beauty’. here

A personal article by Dee Manning as she explores whats inspired her new techniques this summer from exhibitions such as 'All too Human' and 'From a small island' read her full article here

This week Gino revisited his childhood neighbourhood as he photographs scenes for the promotional run for his fourth coming book see the gallery here


After almost three years in the JQ we are moving out of our studio as we invest elsewhere in our business. During this time we've created some brilliant artwork, met great people more importantly built our foundation and cemented ourselves as a serious arts company that is here to stay. Read our farewell to whats been our creative home for the past few years here


From trips to the capital to taking in street art see our most popular images from social media here


Over the past few years the landscape of our hometown has changed drastically, we've captured this on our commute through the city centre see our gallery here


An office doesn't have to be white walls and desktops, a splash of colour can engage the mind. 

When thoughts wonder and eyes gaze across a coffee shop or restaurant they can be greeted with something that evokes thought or discussion. Find out more how you can rent our artwork and add a different dynamic to your workspace or business here


Dee Manning has some exciting new artwork on the way with her forthcoming collection, view the sneak peak video here

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