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Sweet Joy

Sweet Joy

'Sweet Joy' This is a very personal piece to me, it was created during the first lock down while I was working as part of the befriending service. My role was to be the person on the other end of the phone for those who were going through some horrifically challenging times, with some battling mental health issues, housing and debt problems and others experiencing food poverty and worse. I helped them as much as I could arrangine food parcels, clothing package and many other things. As the weeks went on the calls started to have serious implications, effecting me emotionally and mentally, in order to keep my own mental health together I had to take a step back and take time off work to rest from the demands being placed on my mind. The world was in chaos and it felt as if everyone was taking from me, expecting too much, wanting me to solve all their problems. I wanted to support them and help as many as I could, giving them hope trying to help them towards that light at the end of the tunnel and felt extremely guilty when I couldn’t. Your brain only has the capacity to deal with so much, especially when you are dealing with other peoples challenging issues which is not your specialised field. After reaching such a low point I pulled myself back to paint, I picked up some paper and a pencil beginning to pour out what was in my mind onto paper, working on ideas for new additions to my collection Out of My Pain Came Beauty. I needed an uplifting and positive image to radiate happiness, positivity and joy. I used the piece as a way to distract myself from the trauma of the stories I had listened to from the callers. It was time to dig deep into my soul and heal from the inside, by creating and spending time on this painting was part of that process. Applying the paint to the canvas is so soothing and therapeutic, fully immersing myself with concentration as I paint inside of each panel I have drawn to form the structure of the face. As the painting took shape it made me smile, I felt the warmth from inside of me explode out externally. The colours I created are beautiful, the contours and shape of the face are so expressive and it just sings to me. A stunning contemporary painting of a Black woman and her name is Sweet Joy!


Limited edition 150 signed prints available come signed with certificate of authenticity 


Small size

Limited edition Giclée print Print size (comes mounted and bagged)L16 Inches x H 12 InchesMount sizeL 40cm x H 50 cm


Large size

Limited edition Giclée (prints do not come mounted or framed) Print size Width 55.5cm x Height 45.5cm


ORIGINAL The original painting piece is canvas on board Width 76.2cm x Height 50cm (original available on request please contact for more details) Original comes in custom black frame


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