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Bob Marley Fire

Bob Marley Fire

My uncle Errol, was a true Rastafarian he didn’t drink alcohol, kept his mind clear. He was creative a huge creative influence on my life. He did art and I remember a sculpture of a bust in his room that he would put his crocheted hats on when he was not wearing them. He supported me through one of the most difficult periods in my life and I am forever indebted to him for that. When he died my son could not tell me the news as my whole life was in a very dark place, I had lost a job I loved, was experiencing financial hardship and studying a sports therapy degree. When my son eventually broke the news I fell into an even darker space and then decided to sketch and paint this image that he used to have on his wall of his room as a teenager. The painting  took me a year to paint, it was my grieving process, when I was at my lowest moments I threw paint at it, I cried, screamed, shouted and cried again for the loss of an uncle that I cared and loved so much. A tribute to a unique person Uncle Errol!


Limited edition prints by Dee Manning are exclusively available at Visualé

  • Details

    Size details

    Limited edition Giclee Prints come mounted in bags and are priced at £180 with there being 100 editions (95 left)

    Small size Limited edition Giclée print Print size (comes mounted and bagged)

    H 16 Inches x L 12 InchesMount sizeL 40cm x H 50 cm


    Large size Limited edition Giclée (prints do not come mounted or framed)

    Print size Height 55.5cm x Width 45.5cm

    The original painting (acrylic) framed and mounted ORIGINAL UNAVAILABLE

    -Height 40.5cm
    -Width 30.5cm


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