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I hosted my first Art Show in London, England in November 2018 at the Wimbledon Art Studios. July 2019, I held my first solo exhibition in Tampa, Florida. This was an amazing first event filled with my Repurposed Magazine Art, live musicians, and a Polaroid reflection area for all attendees to take a photo. Did I forget to mention the open bar with a Froze machine? That night stands as one of my greatest memories in life. I hope to continue to create these experiences for more people as I progress in life.

Who is Mila?

My name is Camila, better known as Mila, I was raised in Lansing, Michigan, I have always had a need for a creative outlet so whether its painting, drawing, or singing in the shower… I like to indulge. I started drawing as a child with my father. He taught me that there are no mistakes in art. My first sketches were in pen. If I made a mark I didn’t like, I made the piece into something different. I suppose that is one way I manage my imagination.

Where have you exhibited?

Explore more of Mila's artwork here

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