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Artist: Owen Evans

Owen’s (née Gwyn Owen Evans) art reflects his intensely spiritual nature. He had visions of a world beyond the physical, which he was only able to articulate through his imagery. His artwork is vibrant, charismatic and at times complex, with each individual art piece brilliantly representing his thoughts, emotions or social and global awareness.

Being both passionate and conscious about the environment, he was committed to preserving all things that hadn't yet been tainted by human interference.

Sadly he was also afflicted by the twin curses of alcoholism and recurrent bouts of depression. He seemed to those who loved him to have been under constant attack by demons intent upon wrecking any short period of sobriety or peace of mind he might have stumbled upon.

Tragically Owen passed away in February 2016….

Although Owen’s art was never seen publicly, he always maintained that he wanted to have an exhibition and to sell the work online at some point. Now his family are fulfilling his wishes by taking his art to market, starting with a website.

As a result of Owen’s commitment to environmental causes coupled with his inability to recover from the alcoholism that was a constant theme in his life, his family have decided that the best way to honour his art legacy is to ensure that any profits from the sale of his work will go to environmental charities and to organisations helping people crippled by the pain of addiction.

The site will be coming this September, here you can learn more about Owen’s fascinating journey through life, also there will be the opportunity to exclusively view and purchase unseen artwork.

Visit the site

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