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Artwork: Miniatures

The most important voice to me is those of fans of our artwork and customers, when installing a commission last year I had my 'make sure you write that down' moment. A thin wall between a door frame and a window was bare and I could visualise three smaller paintings bringing life to the empty space. It was here I realised I could tap into a market closer to home, those living in the city. No matter where you are London, Manchester or Birmingham, you constantly see more apartments pop up on every available piece of land. And one thing we've learnt from attendees to our Open Studios who live in the city, is that the days of people wanting mass produced prints from home stores is coming to an end as more are opting for something more unique. After introducing a short run of 'Miniatures' and literally selling out with one open studio, Birmingham artist Dee Manning has created a new run of limited edition paintings. Presented in both originals and prints, you can see the entire collection here

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