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The Independent Hustle

Kicking down the door

The business of arts has been a tricky market for many who have tried to dabble in, from both the perspective of the artist and the agents. In the past and even to an extent currently there are cliques that determine who’s art is hot and what the current value is. For too many artists, this has been disheartening and forced them to create pieces they think will be accepted just to try and get some exposure. Sometimes playing this game is not as beneficial as they may believe, they appear to be wasting time instead of enhancing their own signature style. Out with the gate keepers, times have changed and there is a new generation of artists and entrepreneurs who are carving their own way. With the rise in social media over the past five years, the gate keepers are gone and it is directly from the creator to consumer. This doesn't mean every artist is selling out their entire catalogue, but has however made artwork more accessible, which generates an income for the artists. It has began to eradicate the notion art is only for the extremely wealthy or that it is displayed in places some people believe they will not be accepted. Myself and the artists I work with have empowered ourselves with our own funding, yes the road has been twice as gruelling with us starting out with nothing but a desk to write from and two tables to paint on, but the satisfaction of us having the credit for our own work and exhibitions we hold, is thoroughly gratifying.

Balancing The Books

With Visualé being personally funded, this means the balancing act has to be perfected, being in the arts and working a nine to five is both hard and rewarding. Creative spurs typically come at the most inconvenient of times, either during your normal working day or in the early hours of the morning when you're trying to fit in the well needed sleep. Turning ideas into finished products cannot be forced which is when frustration usually kicks in. My ideas are needed by the artists I work with, whether it's marketing, organising open gallery weekends, creative input for a new collection or trips to the printers for a customer. So how do I balance my time? It is most definitely not with a set routine, I work when the energy levels are there and the idea is hot, of course if the deadline or online article has a twenty four hour turnaround I have to crack on no matter how I feel. But nine times out of ten I flow through my to do list by ensuring out of the seven days of the week, three of my evenings after work are dedicated to bringing to life ideas or doing any of the background work with my artists.

My current task is letting the city know Visualé is participating in the Open Studios in July offering a great opportunity to meet the artists and purchase limited edition prints, come and meet me and the artists I work with on 23-24th July.

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